About Us

“Enjoy Your Favorite Treats Without The Guilt”

Philosophy: We provide cruelty-free affordable treats for anyone who enjoys delectable desserts. We maintain quality products that are earth-friendly, people-friendly and animal-friendly. We offer 100% Vegan desserts made with mostly Organic, Fair-Trade and Natural Ingredients. By catering to the Vegan lifestyle, we compassionately create a gourmet, hand-crafted and truly unique sweet treat!

Eco-Conscious: We are a green bakery that uses environmentally friendly packaging and has sustainable business practices. To enhance our sustainability, everything from our baking cups to our business cards is Eco-friendly, for example:

  1. Our cake pop bags are recyclable, biodegradable and compostable (made with plant-based materials).

  2. Our cookie bags are Recycled and made with plant cellulose. We use hemp ties, recyclable tin-ties, and Eco-stickers.

  3. Our bakery boxes are made in the USA, are unbleached and have a compostable plant-based window.

  4. We use compostable plant-based single-serve cupcake containers for individual sale.

  5. Our business cards use soy ink, are printed locally using FSC or SFI and are made with post-consumer recycled material.

  6. Our cupcake liners are Unbleached and Biodegradable.

  7. Our Parchment Paper is Biodegradable and Unbleached.

Jesse Coyne- Owner and Baker Jesse has always been detail oriented and interested in building and creating. Jesse’s mother has shown him how to appreciate creativity, and his father taught him how to be self-sufficient. Jesse decided to go Vegan 5 years ago after trying PETA’s 30-day vegetarian pledge. Jesse currently works in Los Angeles as an Audio/Video Technician, as well as Co-owning/Chef at JAM Vegan Bakery.


Mallori Simko Coyne- Owner and Baker Mallori grew up watching her mother bake wedding cakes, birthday cakes, gobs, as well as many traditional recipes. She and her mother developed many vegan recipes together which gave Mallori the love and passion for vegan baking. Mallori has been living a vegan lifestyle for over 10 years. Her choice to have a vegan diet came from the inner-strength that she has to accept change in the world, and she thinks it is very important to choose a Vegan Lifestyle due to the climate crisis. Mallori is eager to provide sustainable vegan baked goods to her local community.

JAM – Team

About JAM Vegan Bakery

We Are Proud of Our Ingredient Choices

All of our products are 100% Vegan, fairly traded and made with Natural and mostly Organic ingredients. We never use animal products, FD&C food coloring, or harmful chemicals in our desserts or in our business practices.

JAM Vegan Bakery is not your average bakery, because we use only the finest sustainably sourced ingredients, including, but are not limited to:

  1. Organic Unrefined Evaporated Cane Juice: sustainably milled in Florida, our vegan cane sugar is a healthy alternative to bleached refined sugar.

  2. Organic Shortening: sustainably sourced without harming animals in Columbia, this palm oil is non-hydrogenated and trans fat-free, naturally cholesterol-free, and a good source of heart healthy monounsaturated fat.

  3. Expeller-Pressed Safflower Oil: contains Vitamin E, has the highest level of linoleic fatty acid for growth, reproduction, skin maintenance, and general body functioning, it is anti-carcinogenic, and it has lean body-mass enhancing properties.

  4. Artisan Made Pink Himalayan Sea Salt: made by 100% renewable wind and solar energy, free of impurities, contains 84 minerals and trace elements.

  5. Organic Unbleached Flour

  6. Organic / Fair-Trade Blackstrap Molasses

  7. Organic/ Fair-Trade Dutch-Processed Cocoa

  8. Organic/ Fair-Trade Spices

  9. Organic/ Fair-Trade Vanilla

  10. Organic/ Fair-Trade/ Soy-Free Chocolate

  11. Organic/ Fair-Trade Coffee

  12. Organic Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and Oats

  13. Aluminum-Free Baking Powder

What Makes JAM Special

JAM Vegan Bakery’s treats are not suitable for people with life-threatening allergies: Our products are directly produced on shared equipment (oven, sinks, table space) with peanuts, tree nuts, corn, wheat, and gluten. We currently operate in a shared commercial facility that is not a dedicated vegan kitchen; therefore anyone with extreme food allergies or those who experience anaphylactic shock from food allergens (Wheat, Gluten, Soy, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Coconuts, Dairy, Eggs, Shellfish, Fish, Corn) should not consume our treats.

Some ingredients we use are processed in a facility that also processes allergens: Since we cannot guarantee that our products have not been contaminated in these facilities, people with life-threatening allergies should avoid our products.

Wheat and Gluten: Most of our products are made with Wheat and Gluten ingredients; currently we only have a few Gluten-Free offerings, please refer to our desserts page to locate these desserts.

Peanuts, Tree Nuts, and Coconut: We have products containing peanuts, coconut, and tree nuts. Therefore, people with a life threatening allergy to peanuts or tree nuts that causes anaphylactic shock should avoid our products.

Soy: Our products do not contain any soy.

Milk: Our products do not contain milk or dairy products.

Eggs: We do not have any eggs in our products.

Shell Fish: Our products do not contain shell fish.